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  • Pot Holes, Pot Holes, Every Where a Pot Hole!

    Posted on 16, February, 2017


    I am sure you have noticed all the Pot Holes after all the winter storms.  Especially if you go down Burnside and or Cornell.  Some of the roads are so bad you can't go around them.  The Pot Holes really take a toll on your vehicle.  Have you noticed your vehicle not going down the road straight?  Your tires wearing unevenly?  Letting these conditions continue will cost you more money down the road.  Give us a call and make an appointment for our POT HOLE E-MAIL SPECIAL.  We will rotate and balance your Front Tires and do an alignment if needed.   Regular Price is $142.98 ---We will slash this price to $89.99  thru February 28th, 2017  You save $52.99!  (most vehicles)

    Report Pot Holes  Washington County  503 846 7623, Multnomah County 503 988 5050 

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