• 5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    The best welcome and quick service! I'll be making sure I always bring my Jeep here for maintenance and repairs.

  • 5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    We were so pleased with work done by Du Fresne's. We took our car in because of an oil leak. They found three leaks. They said one part that was leaking needed to be replaced and they gave us an estimate of the total cost to fix it all. When we picked up the car, he told us the part was ok and only the seal needed to be replaced. Our bill was over $100 LOWER than the estimate. He could have easily charged us for the part he didn't need to replace and we wouldn't have known the difference. BRAVO to this very honest and trustworthy repair shop!! In addition, he gave the car a thorough check to be sure all systems were working properly. I've never had a repair shop do that before. They are a great shop!

    Thank you for trusting us with your car. Just your local family Auto Service. See you at your next oil change. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    The way you always wanted it to be: Talk with the mechanic not the disconnected service writer.

    Thank you so much for choosing our shop. So glad we could help you with your truck. Prestons a great service writer, but we are always willing to connect mechanic and customer for better communication. See you soon for pick up. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    Excellent service as always, plus the turnaround time is very reasonable and so is the price.

    Thank you for the wonderful review. We know transportation is important, we try to keep your vehicle as little as we can. Thanks for coming in. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    Very efficient, friendly service.

    Thank you for coming in Mr. Burgoine. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 1 DuFresne's Auto Service

    The mechanic was a nice gentleman and the curtosey car was a nice gesture. Unfortunately the service was a disappointment. I was quoted $900 to fix a timing belt. After he completed the said repairs, the car still did not start, and I came to find out that a compression test was never run before the repairs. I towed my car out of the shop in the same condition I brought it there in, minus $900. I was not happy, I would not take my VW back here and I really wish I could get my money back.

    I am so sorry the way things worked out for this VW. Her dad had given her the car at 40,000 miles. It now has 170,000 and a timing belt had never been done according to the customer. This was the 1st time we had seen the car. Whoever had been doing the oil changes should have told her when the timing belt should have been done. It should have been done at 105,000. Also, she said we should have done the compression test before. You have to be able to turn it over to conduct the compression test. Also, this is an interference engine and should have been done at 105K Still I am sorry and wish there was something I could do. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 4.5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    My car is now being taken care of by my neighbor. He tells me what I already knew -- that you do a superb job and your people always do excellent work and are very pleasant. Thanks.

    Your very lucky to have such wonderful neighbors. Sad we don't get to see you. So glad you have help. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 4 DuFresne's Auto Service

    Preston was awesome!!

    Refer your friends we will send you a pair of movie tickets if they come in. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    As always, Du Fresne's provides quality service. If one has any questions, they are always available for assistance.

    Always nice to see you and red. - DuFresne's Auto Service
  • 5 DuFresne's Auto Service

    Great service. I appreciated the explanation of what needed to be done and why

    Thank you for coming in hope to see you again. - DuFresne's Auto Service
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